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Software for human enjoyment.

We build software that makes life delightful. Merging the liberal arts with digital sciences, we apply the best of human wisdom and know-how to building exceptional apps that help people engage and appreciate the world more.

We partner with companies and individuals to bring new app ideas to life. Our services include:
  • Idea Generation
  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Full Design Services
  • Full Coding & Build Services
  • Assistance In iTunes Launch
  • Digital Delights

    Digital Delights

    Our goal is to design and build apps that make your experience of the world more delightful. Whether our app adds to your enjoyment of a card game or helps you use your mind to engage the world at a deeper, more thoughtful level, we design our technology to help you enjoy more the things you love most.

    Here at The Delight Group, we believe that people desire something more than fun – they desire heart-inspiring, mind-awakening, life-enriching engagement. Entertainment does not fulfill; often it hardly satisfies. Delight, on the other hand, captures the whole person in joy. When we delight in something, we are deeply happy.

    Our company builds apps to help people better connect with those things that delight them most. For example, do you wish you could better coordinate schedules so that you could see your friends more often? We are building an app to help you deeply delight in your community.

    Welcome to The Delight Group. It is our joy to have you here!

  • Delightfolio


    What are we working on? Here are just a few of the projects that have us very excited!

    Think Right 2012

    To bridge the gap between slogans and substance, Think Right 2012 puts the best conservative thinking on the web in your hand, giving you easy access to the best conservative thought on the issues of the day. Together, let’s elevate the conversation.

    Legend of the 5 Rings

    Legend of the 5 Rings is a collectible card game beloved world wide. The Delight Group is partnering with the makers of L5R (as it is known) to add value to this fun and engaging game by creating an app that will allow fans to track their “honor” while simultaneously enjoying the wonderful art that the game is known for.

    Imagine listening to your favorite radio show, the host interviewing an author on a book that you find fascinating. Your mind races as you begin to think of the implications of the author’s work for your own life when, all of the sudden, bam! Your thoughts are interrupted by a commercial break. What was that author’s name anyways? We’re developing an app to solve this problem while taking your listening experience from entertaining to delightful…

  • DelightED


    Here at the Delight Group, we’re always doing research and thinking about things. Often times we’ll just scribble our thoughts in our Moleskine or buzz them across a status update. That got us thinking: why not take what we are learning, centralize that knowledge into one database, and share it with the world?

    That’s exactly what we’ve decided to do.

    It’s a project we’re calling DelightED (short for Delight Education). Soon we’ll be launching our fun little blog filled with interesting news, collected musings, and reviews of various remarkable apps that we’d love to tell the world about. No, we don’t just mean our apps, lots of people make perfectly good apps that are worth talking about.

    Why would anyone listen? Well, we’ve found that the most delightful and interesting people are those who love what they’re talking about, and we really love what we’ll be talking about. Click here to read DelightED!

  • It is a Delight to Work with You!

    It is a Delight to Work with You!

    The Delight Group is looking for people with a bright idea to help bring more joy to the world. We have a number of partnership opportunities available. Have an idea for a killer app that would change the world, but don’t have the capital to make it happen? We can help. Ready to expand your brand into app space? We’re here for you.

    Please submit all app ideas by way of electronic mail. You can reach us at ideas@thedelightgroup.com.